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instructor program

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Warriors Way International is an Instructor organization designed to reach students outside of our academy who are looking for martial arts training. The purpose of this program is to produce world class Instructors that surpass all standards of excellence. The program is dedicated to providing top of the line instruction by associating with the best martial arts systems in the world and providing a direct link to the Masters and Grand Masters of those arts.  We offer an Affiliate Training program with monthly training seminars in Wichita Falls as well as seminars around the country.

We proudly promote and teach the Arts and Philosophies of:

  • Magulang Na Guro / Sifu Dan Inosanto: LaCoste/Inosanto Kali, Maphilindo Silat & Madjapahit Martial Arts, "The Intercepting Way", "The Martial Legacy"

  • Pamana Tuhon Chris Sayoc: Sayoc Kali, Sayoc Fighting Systems

  • Sifu Terry Gibson: JKD, Muay Thai, Kali, Silat

  • Grand Master Tony Somera: See Tribute

  • Ajarn "Chai" Sirisute: Muay Thai, Thai Boxing

  • Guru Besar Herman Suwanda: Mande Muda Pencak Silat


Under the guidance of Founder/Chief Instructor Harley Elmore, Warriors Way International is a network of Instructors which carries on the teachings of these Instructors. It serves as a means of sharing information, networking, passing on training and promoting students in these arts.

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rank structure


Each rank has specific material and skills required before it can be attained. However, many things are considered, such as your attitude, loyalty, dedication, goals in the martial arts, etc. Also, there are many things that only the Instructor's "eye" can pick up. There are undefinable qualities that you must possess. You may be able to perform a technique, but an Instructor can pick up small things you may be missing and not even know about. Instructors evaluate students to help them develop attributes because simply knowing material is not enough.


The first level of rank is Apprentice level. This level means that the student is now learning how to teach and train others. They are still in a supervised position and under the guidance of a Full Instructor. All Apprentice Instructors are recommended by their immediate Instructors to Tuhon Elmore for evaluation. They are then accepted or declined upon his evaluation.

  • Apprentice Instructor Level 1

  • Apprentice Instructor Level 2

  • Apprentice Instructor Level 3


Full Instructor ranks are for people who have taken the "Full Instructor" test in front of the evaluation board, headed by Tuhon Elmore and with a minimum of three other Full Instructors, passed the evaluation. Full Instructors are now allowed to teach and train people on their own and promote their own students up to the level just below Full Instructor.

  • Full Instructor Level 1: one year minimum

  • Full Instructor Level 2: two years minimum

  • Full Instructor Level 3: three years minimum

  • Master level ranks

    • Full Instructor Level 4: four years minimum at previous rank

    • Full Instructor Level 5: five years minimum at previous rank

    • Full Instructor Level 6: six years minimum at previous rank

    • Full Instructor Level 7: is reserved for the current head of the organization


Advisors: Advisors are Masters and Grand Masters who have accepted the position of Advisor in an effort to help further Warrior's Way International, it's students and Instructors. Instructors in Warrior's Way Intl may or may not hold rank under Advisors.


Training Groups: Warriors Way Intl sponsors training groups lead by a group leader. This group leader is someone who is working toward Instructor level in one or more of the arts but hasn't yet attained that rank. The training group leader is responsible for members in the training group as well as his own personal training. Training group leaders cannot promote people in the arts but may recommend training partners for evaluation by a Full Instructor.

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