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Muay Thai or "the art of eight limbs" is the National Sport of Thailand. It's rich heritage is a proud point of interest to the Thai people. The mother art of Thai Boxing is Krabi Krabong, which is a weapons system using single sword, double sword, sword and shield and staff.


Thai boxing as a sport is considered the "world's most brutal sport" with the use of boxing, kicks to the legs, body and head, knees to the whole body and elbows, it is a quite effective and devastating system.


The training methods of Muay Thai are some of the most effective methods in the world. The use of "Thai Pads" and focus mitts allow the fighter to develop power, focus, distance and correct defensive movements.


In Thai Boxing speed and power are generated with proper form and body mechanics and are drilled over and over again until reflexive. With a focus on impact training on a variety of training tools and interaction with coaches and training partners the Thai Boxer is equipped to fight at most ranges with an intensity most people have never experienced.

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