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Tuhon Harley Elmore is one of only a handful of people certified by Guro Dan Inosanto in Maphilindo Silat and Madjapahit Martial Arts. Tuhon Elmore teaches the techniques and flow drills step by step in a manner that's clear and easy to understand.

The Silat systems of southeast Asia are some of the most devastating and effective systems in he world. This unique blend, created by martial arts legend Guro Dan Inosanto, is an amazing synthesis of elegance and deadly effectiveness.

This Video will include:

  • Introduction to Maphilindo Silat and Madjapahit Martial Arts
  • Levers and Positions
  • Maphilindo Series #1 (LaCoste Armbar Series)
  • Maphilindo Series #2 (Octopus Series)
  • Directions and Pressure
  • Maphilindo Series #4 (Kari 1/4 Puter Kapala Series)
  • Maphilindo Series #5 (Kari Arm Hook Series)
  • Kicking Defensive Isolations
  • Boxing Defensive Isolations
  • Applications in Kickboxing Structure (left kick, right cross)
  • Applications in Kickboxing Sturcture (left hook, right kick)
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