Sayoc Tactical Group (STG) has pioneered the way for Integrated Combatives programs for the Department of Defense, Naval Special Warfare and U.S. Army Special Forces for fifteen years.  Covering a wide array of topics such as empty hand, edged weapons, impact weapons, Logical Order of Thinking, Vehicle Combatives, Team Tactics, Improvised weapons and firearms. With real world testing and a direct feedback loop from those in the field, STG has developed courses that are the most up to date and relevant Combatives courses of our time.

Now Sayoc Tactical Group - Law Enforcement Division is teaching courses with the Oklahoma C.L.E.E.T. Academy in Ada, OK. Seeing the need for various aspects of STG's expertise, a LE course was developed to help increase Officer safety and survivability when confronted with edged and impact weapons. The Leadership of Oklahoma C.L.E.E.T. and the progressive minded Instructors lead the way in providing the best in training for Officers and continue to work with STG in those efforts.



STG - LEO Division in now offering a five day Instructor Course in which Officers will be trained in the Sayoc Tactical Group methodologies and curriculum. Those Officers who successfully complete the Basic Integrated Combatives program will become licensed to teach the STG - LEO curriculum in their departments.


This program will focus on Officer safety and survivability when confronted with armed assailants in a close quarter Combatives situation. The Officer will be trained in the seamless integration of empty hand, edged and impact weapons as well as firearms. The training also includes how to apply these skill sets depending on the demands of the confrontation.

During this five day course, Officers will learn and be expected to perform and teach:


  • History of Sayoc Kali and Sayoc Tactical Group
  • Vital Targets Of The Body and Why It's Important To Understand Them
  • Timers And Switches
  • 3 of 9 Edged Weapon Template
  • Blade Carry Options For The Officer
  • Common Blade Carry Positions For Suspects
  • Weapons Deployment
  • Sayoc Readiness Formula
  • Team Tactics

STGLEO Cleet Course 2018

September 24th - 28th


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